Made by Hand – Sculpture Show

Made by Hand - Sculpture Professional Development Show

made by hand presents the works of 13 artists working in the Park Walk sculpture studio at Kensington and Chelsea College.

Susan Brzeski is inspired by the repetitive and sometimes hypnotic forms found in the natural world and uses different materials to translate these forms into sculpture.

Fabia Claris uses found materials which she breaks down into their component parts before reassembling them to construct serious and jokey pieces about human nature and the human condition.

Working with paper, wire, plastic and ephemera Cherry Ehrlich gives a new life to the remnants of the everyday.

Esperanza Gomez-Carrera playfully looks for new ways of expressing her inner feelings and the reality around her.

Tony Hawkins comments on social and political aspects of society through the medium of figurative and animal sculpture.

Valerie Jolly’s paper casts hover between presence and absence, reminiscence and disappearance, reality and dream.

Susie Joyce explores new ways of portraying the figure and creates sculptures by intuiting the movement and sentiment she finds through playful abstraction.

Andrew Martin’s work combines the use of colour, light and space to escape to other worlds.

Nick Matousevitch makes fantasy human heads from interlocking animals.

Liesbet Paterson’s sculptures of voluptuous women are a ‘celebration of the flesh’.

Sandie Sutton is inspired by creation myths. Using reclaimed materials, her totemic sculptures combine visual interest with a wealth of animal habitat.

Louisa Todman’s work is inspired by the energy and dynamic lift in movement and flow.

Jon Wilkinson’s works reflect the fragile future of our world.

The works presented have all been produced by the artists while attending the Professional Development course at Kensington and Chelsea College. This course runs two days a week in spacious and well equipped studios in the heart of Chelsea.

Hortensia Gallery
Kensington and Chelsea College
Hortensia Road,
London SW10

Mon-Wed 10 am – 8 pm
Thurs-Fri 9 am – 5 pm

Private view : wed 21 may 6 – 8:30 pm

Press contact: 0777 619 66 57
Photos of the artwork available on request