Matthew Kolakowski

Matthew Kolakowski, Curriculum Leader for Fine Art at Kensington and Chelsea College

Photo: Manon Droz

Curriculum Leader for Fine Art

“I now have strategies to build up and refine constructive approaches to issues that may be inhibiting progress in learning and achievement”


  • Developing a community based arts project to engage disenfranchised adult learners through cultural artefacts and memories
  • Training in Solution Based Coaching
  • Working and exhibiting as an artist

Career Outcomes

Memento Project

Memento began as a small adult and community learning project that developed into a successful European partnership with five EU partner countries. As Memento’s initiator I developed the project definition and as its coordinator lead and managed the foreign partners’ contributions. Each partner brought different interpretations to engaging learners and meeting the project outcomes.

Solution Based Coaching

I received this training as part of a programme called Leaders as Coaches at Greenwich Community College. The training was given so that we could support staff throughout the college.

Working as an Artist

I have continued to work and exhibit as an artist since leaving college 30 years ago. I produce work in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture and installation. (

Impact on the College

In developing Memento I learnt a lot about project development, management, communication and compromise. The partnership was an incredibly positive experience that I hope to repeat by developing a project at KCC.

Coaching has helped me in my role as manager and a teacher to be more effective in support and in enabling potential.

I have always considered making art to be my primary purpose and practice. I also think it is very necessary to practice as an artist if you are going to teach art effectively.