Meet our new Corporate Governors

The Corporation of Kensington & Chelsea College is pleased to announce new appointments to the College’s Governing Body.

The new members come from a range of educational and commercial backgrounds and will work closely with senior leaders at the college to help ensure the smooth running of the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Ian ValvonaIan Valvona

A trained broadcast journalist, Ian is a civil servant at the Department for Education with strong experience in qualifications and curriculum policy, 14-19 education reform, and youth engagement and participation. Most recently he has worked in children’s social care where he has led interventions in several failing local authorities and established new children’s social care Trusts in Doncaster, Slough and Sunderland. He is currently working in a temporary role as Chief of Staff with the Birmingham Children’s Trust.

Suzanna RennieSuzanna Rennie

Suzanna is a Chartered Investment Manager who works for Santander Bank. She lives in North Kensington close to the Kensington campus and has worked in the Borough for a number of years. Suzanna will bring a strong local perspective to the Board of Governors, along with her understanding of finance, her analytical skills and a real commitment to helping other young people extract the maximum benefit from their education.


Thomas Woolf

Tom Woolf is the CEO of EdAid Limited and lives close to the Chelsea campus of Kensington & Chelsea College. An entrepreneur and former professional athlete, Tom’s  pioneering approach to frontier markets and technology has seen him build successful businesses in the UK, Middle East & Africa.

After launching JustGiving in 2011 (the world’s largest fundraising platform for charities), Tom launched in 2015 as a crowdfunding platform for students to finance their higher education, interest-free. EdAid’s sister company Qard Hasan is also the world’s first interest-free Islamic student funding platform and has already worked with over 1000 students.


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