Music Industry Talks

Music Industry Talks

MTV Music Editor Heads Line-Up Of Top Industry Names Hosting Talks Exclusively For Kensington And Chelsea College Students

MTV’s Music Editor, Lindsay Wesker joined Choice FM’s DJ Dave VJ and pioneering World Music artist Najma Akhtar to host a series of exclusive talks for Kensington and Chelsea College students.

The internationally renowned trio took time out from their busy schedules to meet music and media production students at the college’s Wornington Centre. They spoke at length about the changing face of music and how their own careers had developed, before taking student questions and offering advice on how to get ahead in the industry.

Speaking to students, Wesker, who is responsible for the music content across MTV’s 7 music channels, told students: ‘You need to know all about music, from its history to the different genres and record companies. People want to know you’re serious, so you need to know your stuff. If you want to enter the industry as an artist, find out what type of artist you want to be. There’s no point in trying to make it as the next Rihanna in a market saturated by Rihanna clones. Be different. It’s better to have a good career than focus on being famous.’

World music artist Najma Akhtar, whose musical collaborations have included Basement Jaxx, Led Zeppelin’s Robert plant and Jimmy Page, and Steve Copeland, was also on hand to talk to students about cultural influences on music, the history of Indian music, vocal techniques and instruments, including the sitar.

Najma said: ‘It’s really important that people, young people especially, are exposed to music from different cultures, and new cultures through music. It can broaden horizons and open the mind to new things. Music enriches the soul no matter where you’re from and connects people.’

The celebrated musician and singer, known for blending subtle jazz arrangements with traditional South Asian vocal styles, also treated students to several musical performances on her harmonium. Najma’s music has also been featured in films and TV series including Without A Trace and People I Know starring Kim Basinger and Al Pacino.

The talks were held as part of a two-day networking event held by the college for its Music and Media students.

Paul Hall, the college’s Head of Music and Media, said: ‘It is a real privilege to have such well-known and respected names from the industry take time out to meet the next generation of talent. Our students not only had the opportunity to network with our influential guests, but also gained the kind of advice you just can’t put a price on. We have fantastic contacts within the college music department which has led to many brilliant opportunities, like this, for our students.’