Outstanding KCC language students

Outstanding KCC language students

A number of outstanding KCC language students were awarded for their achievements in this year’s GCSE exams at a ceremony held at Hortensia on November 6.

Altogether 13 language students scored in the top 30 of the country.

Five GCSE Spanish students made it into the top ten taking GCSE Spanish, according to Edexcel, the UK’s largest awarding body.

All students sat the exam earlier this summer and the results, issued this month, show that out of 15756 candidates, Kensington and Chelsea College students achieved 5 out of the 10 highest overall marks awarded by Edexcel for GCSE Spanish.

A further 6 students reached the top 10 in GCSE Italian out of 2,357 and 2 A-Level students reached the top 10 out of 783 in GCSE Russian.

Mike Jutsum, Principal of Kensington and Chelsea College, said: “These results are superb! I am very pleased for the learners – it makes our aim to be First Class, First Choice real and is a tribute to my colleagues’ flair and hard work.”

Jerry Jarvis, Edexcel’s Managing Director, adds: “This is a tremendous achievement and testament to the hard work students put into preparing for their exams. We send our congratulations to all.”