Performing Musicians at Wornington

Performing Musicians at Wornington

A group of budding musical maestros caused a sensation at Kensington and Chelsea College recently with their floor stomping rendition of Bob Marley’s ‘Stir It Up’.

The hour-long gig by seven students on the college’s Performing Musicians course was held at the Wornington Centre Campus in Wornington Road in front of a packed out lunch time audience.

Within minutes of the performance starting the crowds were on their feet, dancing to a musical mix of blues, reggae and country.

The talented seven, Armand-Joel Wayou, Nadine Bico, Rilwan Calfos, Charlie Hamnett, Jordan Smith, Abdul Baaqi and Benjamin Ottley, reached their musical climax with a note perfect rendition of Bob Marley’s ‘Stir It Up’.

Armand-Joel Wayou, who plays the piano and keyboard, said: ‘Playing in front of other students is actually more nerve racking, especially as we’ll see them everyday around the college unlike an audience full of strangers! We had a really good turn out with plenty of dancing which was a good sign!’

The 23-year-old from Camberwell is hoping to start his own music school one day. ‘My love for music wasn’t instinctive. It grew through encouragement from my father. Taking up the course at the college has inspired me to do much more than just perform. I would love to become a music teacher and have my very own music school’, said Armand-Joel.

Following the gig at the college the group are now preparing to perform at the renowned Atom Live Convention – a high profile London event which brings together music and education for a day of seminars, workshops and live music performances.

Aaron Short, tutor for the Performing Musicians course at the college, said: ‘The students are really creative and write their own music, often after being inspired by what they hear through the course. They gel well together and have a great combination of skills and talent among them. People genuinely like listening to them.’