Photography Exhibitior luminance: Annika Bloch

Our photography student recently held their big end of year exhibition ‘luminance’. 

Student Annika Bloch provided us with a Q&A about her time at Kensington and Chelsea College

-Describe KCC in 3 Words?
Demanding, rewarding, inspiring

-Talk me through the exhibition?
“Luminance” is a real mixture of everything photography has on offer: various genres and a broad range of techniques and materials. Every one of us has brought something very personal into this exhibition and thus made this a very diverse and unique show.

-How would you describe your photography style?
Clean and uncluttered. I like to focus on the essence of what I want to show. I imagine what I want to create and then use different techniques to achieve this.

-Key Inspiration behind your work?
Difficult to say. It’s probably a mix of different artists and art works and of what life with a big family throws at me.

-Favourite photography of all time ?
There are so many fantastic photographers…One of my favourite is certainly Saul Leiter. His images are painterly and almost abstract, full of colour, carefully considered and often very beautiful. And he was never afraid to experiment.

-Final words on your time at KCC ?
This was a very intense year full of hard work but it propelled my photography to a completely different level. I would never have imagined I could learn and achieve so much but the tutors were amazing and the curriculum well thought through. It was worth all the effort and along the way I met some extraordinary people!