Rebecca Eastwood – Beauty Therapist

Rebecca Eastwood - Beauty Therapist

Beauty Therapy Lecturer

“‘Learning about Stone Therapy has been an enriching experience and will benefit both staff and students'”

Professional Development

In addition to lecturing in beauty therapy at the College, I work as a Beauty Therapist at The Spa at Chancery Court, Holborn. Through them I have been trained in hot stone therapy body treatment. The course took one intensive week to complete and involved discussing various techniques and properties of the stones used. It also incorporated knowledge from Ayurvedic medicine.

Personal Learning and Career Development

The training links to my existing knowledge of aromatherapy and has added to the range of treatments that I am qualified to carry out on the general public in a commercial Spa.

My work at the Spa ensures that I have up to date knowledge and practical skills of this new development in the Beauty Therapy industry.

Working with an award winning, five star Spa is an excellent addition to my curriculum vitae and is career enhancing.

Impact on my work at the college

My continuing industrial experience gives me more confidence when delivering units about customer service to learners as they know I am speaking from current experience. Working at the professional cutting edge also gives me an insight to the changes that will be made to the Beauty Therapy Curriculum in 2009 and so keeps KCC ‘ahead of the game’.

I am linking this particular Spa to the College and making them and those like them, aware of the high standards and curriculum being offered at KCC.