Reg and Kirsty raise £1300

Reg and Kirsty

Rat Race Challengers Get The Pounds Rolling In For Charity

Two adventure seekers from Kensington and Chelsea College got the funds rolling in for charity after taking part in a series of gruelling tasks for the London Rat Race 2010.

Described as an ‘urban adventure’ the exhaustive challenge put contenders through their paces with activities including abseiling at the Oval Cricket Ground, rolling down a hill and kayaking.

Kirsty Lyall, a Sign Language Communicator at Kensington and Chelsea College and Reg Cobb, who is the college’s Disability and Learning Support Manager, were among the hundreds who took part.

The day began with contenders unravelling a puzzle to unlock the cycles needed to complete the Rat Race.

After a good start Reg and Kirsty had a minor set back after crashing in to each other on their cycles. Despite suffering with cuts and bruises, the pair bravely carried on to spend the next eight hours running up slopes, cycling through a cold stream, complete an orienteering task and find their way out of a maze – among other things!

The daring duo’s efforts have raised £1300 for the charity Skill – The National Bureau for Students with Disabilities. Skill promotes opportunities for young people and adults with disabilities who are in education, training and employment.

Speaking about the challenge, Reg Cobb said: ‘It was a full on eight hour day, packed with lots tasks that really make you work! The challenge was really good fun and took us through several parts of London. By the end we were well and truly worn out but it was worth it. ‘

‘The charity we chose to do this challenge for is one that is close to both mine and Kirsty’s heart, especially as we already work with them through our role at the college.’

‘It’s important to raise the profile and funds for organisations such as Skill, who work hard to assist those with disabilities, as education can often be key to leading a fulfilling and independent life.’