Safety Awareness Week

Safety Awareness Week

Students In Safe Hands At Kensington And Chelsea College!

Dramatic scenes unfolded across Kensington and Chelsea College recently when a fire alarm triggered a mass evacuation led by first aiders and fire marshalls.

Luckily the action packed mass exodus across a number of college campuses was only a fire drill, staged as part of a cross-college run personal safety campaign.

The interactive campaign to keep staff and students emotionally and physically safe, lasted a week. It kicked-off with college youth workers discussing ways to combat stress and highlighting the college’s own network of support services such as counselling and study support. Next on the agenda was life saving skills as a series of training sessions gave people the chance to learn basic first aid.

Corey Simms, a college youth worker, said: ‘It was a fantastic week of activities that covered all aspects of personal safety from practicing the fire drill routine at the college and brushing up on first aid, to learning about the effects of drug taking.’

The college’s commitment to personal safety outside of the college as well as inside, also saw several high profile organisations taking part in the campaign.

The Metropolitan Police were on hand throughout the campaign to offer advice about staying safe at night, including warning against the use of illegal minicabs. Personal safety alarms and fact books about drugs and domestic violence were also given away by local police community support officers.

Continuing the safety theme was a drugs and sexual health awareness day led by Insight- the borough’s drug and sexual health awareness team. There were prizes up for grabs as students tested their knowledge about the effects of drugs and listened to talks about the dangers of drug use.

Lorraine Gray, a drugs use worker from Insight, said: ‘Being able to talk to students directly at the college and answer their questions about drugs is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness about it. The flyers and fact books we brought in to the college were really popular with the students. It’s great the college is taking such an active role in wanting to keep their students safe not just in the college but outside it to.’

Safety Awareness Week Safety Awareness Week