Short Course in Business Administration and Bookkeeping Changes Students Life

business administration and bookkeeping course student

Karen Taylor, 38, has just started a successful career in accounting after more than 20 years out of education, and it’s all thanks to a short course she studied at Kensington and Chelsea College.

Karen started working straight after leaving secondary school doing several different jobs, but none which led to any careers. She later focused on raising her children and becoming a fulltime stay-at-home mum.

When her children gained full-time school positions Karen decided it was time to swap the school runs for the career she had always dreamed of.

Karen said:
“I’m absolutely devoted to my children, and enjoyed being a full-time mum, but I always craved more, especially as I’ve never had a career as such. I wanted to show my children that I was more than just mum, and set an example to them to teach them about the world of work and the importance of working.”

The mum-of-three had always harboured an ambition for a career in business but never pursued her dreams until now.

Karen continued:
“After secondary school I did odd jobs here and there, but nothing career driven. I always had an interest in business, finance and numbers but then when the kids came along thoughts about a career just took a backseat. As the kids got older, I thought I wanted to do more than just the school run and looking after the house. I felt I had a lot to offer and started looking at courses through the job centre.”

Karen, came across the Business Administration with Book-keeping course at Kensington and Chelsea College. She decided to build-up her confidence by going outside her comfort zone and travelling from Enfield to do the course at the College’s Kensington Centre.

“I had become so used to just going to the school each morning to drop off the children, and only seeing other mums, that I thought travelling a bit further to go to the College would be a confidence booster. It was the best decision I could have made! My confidence rocketed, and I absolutely loved my course!”said Karen.

Within weeks of finishing her course at the College Karen had landed a job at North London Accounting Services Ltd.

Karen added:
“The course changed my life 100%. I’m now in a career, doing something I love and have landed on feet with a brilliant employer. My employer is now paying for me to do a manual payroll course as well, and I said there is only one place I would do it at – Kensington and Chelsea College!

I’ve gone from being a full-time house wife and mum to having a career, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it if it wasn’t for the support and confidence I’ve gained from the College. I feel fulfilled mentally, personally and professionally.”

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