Student poster sends out strong anti-bullying message

Kurrim Bendriss' anti-bullying poster

Kensington and Chelsea college students, local police, and parents recently worked together on a successful anti-bullying project. The project, initiated by Dee Toussaint Senior Learning Mentor, invited college students to design a poster to raise awareness of the impact of bullying. Kensington & Chelsea Police funded the project kindly donating £150 for the winning prizes. Over a period of 12 weeks, eight students worked on their designs, which were displayed at Maxilla Walk on the 25th of March 2009.

Sgt Neil Tanner, leader of Notting Barns Safer Neighbourhood team selected the winners and attended a special prize giving ceremony. Sgt Tanner commented on the entries, “All of the posters were designed to a very high standard but the winners were particularly appreciated for the way they carried across the Anti-bullying message to the wider public. Congratulations to all involved”

The top prize of HMV vouchers went to Kurrim Bendriss for his eye-catching “Hand” design. Runners up Rianne Bogle and Lilly Hussain were commended for their poster designs and received cinema tickets.

The posters will now form a special display at Kensington and Chelsea College Maxilla Walk centre where they will continue to provide their powerful anti-bullying messages.

Pal Duley, Maxilla Walk Centre Manager says, “This project has not only improved the students IT skills but has also given a platform for true, deep reflection, and food for thought.”