Students Rock The Local Inn!

KCC Creative Music Producers

A group of rising music producers from Kensington and Chelsea College rocked a local music venue recently with a night of show stopping talent.

The group of nine students on the college’s Creative Music Producers (CMP3) course pulled their talents together to stage the one-off event at leading local venue The Inn on the Green.

The challenge of staging a live production was taken on by CMP3 students as part of the practical element of their course.

Each student was assigned roles ranging from event manager, stage technician and sound engineer to artist liaison, security and cameraman to get the show up and running.

After two months of planning and marketing the event opened to a packed audience and showcased 20 song and dance acts across a range of music genres including reggae, acoustic rock, pop, soca, RnB and hip-hop.

The sell-out night had crowds on their feet within minutes of the show starting and continued to keep the audience dancing until the early hours.

Student Jason Ansere, took on the role of Artist Liaison for the production.

The 19-year-old from Wandsworth said: ‘It was a brilliant experience and really taught us about the commitment and hard work that goes into staging a live music production. We only had our tutor on hand for advice, the rest of it was pretty much left to us organise which was quite daunting at first.’

‘We had to get really organised as a team and pull together to get the job done. The experience taught us about problem solving and how to work together to resolve any issues that cropped up. I’ve gained a real insight into the pressures music producers face when staging live events.’

‘It’s definitely not a job for the easily stressed. I think it’s brilliant that course gives students such hands on experience, especially the opportunity to run your own event. Practical skills count for a lot in the music industry so it’s great we’ve already got things to add to our CV so early on in our career.’

CMP3 student Danny French, who was assigned the role of Promoter and Sound Engineer for the project, added: ‘It was great to see that our hard work had paid off, resulting in an enjoyable night of entertainment for the college and local community, with an audience packed with all ages from kids to pensioners.’