Super Shakes and Milk Surprise

Super Shakes

Students Shake It Up At Kensington And Chelsea College

A group of business students were flavour of the month as they whipped up a tasty challenge to prove their entrepreneurial prowess.

12 students from Kensington and Chelsea College’s Business Enterprise Course, were challenged to set-up and successfully run a stall selling milkshakes.

The month long ‘BBC Apprentice’ style challenge saw the group split into two teams, competing against each other to find customers and build a profitable business.

Calling themselves Super Shakes and Milk Surprise, the teams spent the run-up to Christmas tempting staff and students at the Maxilla and Wornington Centres in to buying their home made milkshakes.

Super Shakes opted for fruit based milkshakes, whilst their rivals indulged in a more chocolate laced alternative. Under the guidance of their learning mentor, Aaron Takyi, the teams took full responsibility for getting their business off the ground, from deciding on the pricing strategy and marketing to choosing flavours, buying the ingredients and making the milkshakes.

An impressive month of selling came to an end this week with both teams revealing their profits and presenting their business strategy to a judging panel of college staff, who had the difficult task of selecting a winner.

Super Shakes emerged as the triumphant team after raising £120 in profits and scoring highly for their marketing strategy, communication skills, team work, confidence and customer service skills.

A member of team Milk Surprise said: ‘We all had roles in the business challenge but we also learnt the importance of pitching in with other things to work as a team. I really enjoyed competing against the other team. It felt like the TV programme Junior Apprentice. The challenge has helped me become more confident as well teach me skills that would be useful in a business environment.’

The profits from both businesses will go towards helping fund the next course project. The Business Enterprise Course is run under the Alternative Schools Programme. It is open to anyone aged 14 to 16 and not in mainstream education.

Learning Mentor Aaron Takyi, added: ‘The Business Enterprise Course is focused on the practical side of learning. It’s a different way of developing skills and is more about hands-on projects rather than classroom based theory work. The current student are full of ideas. By setting up and running their own business they have developed a range of skills. For instance learning about profit and loss accounts and designing marketing materials have already improved their numeracy and IT skills.’