Sustainability – Save our Planet Festival

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Kensington and Chelsea College will be holding a Sustainability – ‘Save our Planet’ festival from Monday, 14th May until Thursday, 19th May 2007. We hope that the festival will be an inspiring insight into how we can green both our lifestyles and our city.

The aim of the festival is to show that living and working with environmental care in mind does not mean a reduced standard of living or quality of life – but it is about being modern, forward-looking and positive. Whether choosing to buy organic food, drive less, use energy-saving lightbulbs or install Hippo the water saver, the festival demonstrates how easy and affordable it is to go green.

For more information concerning our Sustainability – ‘Save our Planet’ festival look out for the leaflet in the receptions and don’t forget to register at either Wornington or Hortensia reception for your reserved place at one of our activities or events.