Sustainability – Save our Planet

Sustainability group photo

Thank you very much for joining in our Sustainability – Save our Planet week of activities, discussion groups and events.

It would be very difficult for us not to notice that the world around us is changing – the way we view it, its climate and the landscape. We are becoming a society that understands that we have to take responsibility for our actions and our lifestyles and this will eventually affect everything that we do.

Eco consciousness is no longer the reserve of a few hippy minded individuals, but is rapidly becoming a diverse social culture in its own right, attracting a cross section of society from politicians (who are clambering onto the wind turbine-charged bandwagon) to the everyday consumers on the street who feel they should be doing their bit, for themselves and their children.

During the week, it soon became clear to all of us that took part that three words were being used repeatedly:

  2. REUSE and

It is all about showing respect. Respect for ourselves, the way others are treated, and the environment that we live in.

In small ways we must do our part. Please take a moment to consider how you can reduce, reuse & recycle: from turning off your computer at the end of the day, to turning off the lights of a classroom or an office, to using scrap paper to print non-essential print jobs and the simplest of all, recycling as much as you can (there is a little used recycling blue bin on the north side of the Wornington Centre that accepts paper, glass and cans amongst other items – PLEASE USE IT!!!).

Or, why not follow our top ten tips for saving energy: –

  1. Trim your trolley: only buy what you need and avoid excessive packaging.
  2. Pull the plug: unplug mobile phone chargers.
  3. Buy local food: a 1/3rd of our carbon footprint is caused by the production and transport of the food eaten.
  4. Join the real-world gym: try walking or riding a bike rather than taking the car.
  5. Flick the switch: switching off your lights.
  6. No red lights: switch off your TV, DVD, etc.
  7. Turn down the heat: turning down your thermostat by one degree.
  8. Thirty degrees is all you need: washing your clothes at 30 degrees could save you 40% of your washing machine’s energy consumption.
  9. Pad your roof: installing loft insulation is one of the best ways of minimising heating bills.
  10. A bright idea: switch all your light bulbs to low energy versions.

As we have all learned from the Sustainability – Save our Planet week, the 3 R’s are no longer an option – they are an essential part of our lives and we have a responsibility to each other, to ourselves, future generations and to the planet.

We ran a count your paces competition, and below are the winners: –

  • 16 – 18 years
    1st = Natasha Morarji
  • 19 – 24 years
    1st = Ahmed Gharib
    2nd = Jonathan Sheldrake
  • 25+ years
    1st = L Hassan
    2nd = A Hakim Baba

The prizewinners will be notified shortly. For any further information please contact:
Charleen Johashen on 020 7573 5396