Vote For Ruth-Ann St Luce

 Ruth-Ann St Luce

College Urges West London To Vote For Music Student Ruth-Ann St Luce On BBC1’s The Voice

As the public begins to vote for its favourite singers on BCC1’s The Voice, Kensington and Chelsea College is urging West London to back its very own singing sensation on the show, Ruth-Ann St Luce.

The talented singer and Kensington and Chelsea College music student is on team Jessie J and is preparing for her first ever live show, where she will face the public vote in the battle to be crowned the UK’s next great voice.

Speaking about her performances on the show, which has been pulling in more than 8 million viewers every Saturday night, Ruth-Ann said: “It felt like I was meant to be there. It just felt like something I could do everyday. I am just so overwhelmed right now. All my dreams are full of being a successful artist – I feel like it’s meant to be.”

Watch our exclusive college video on Ruth-Ann to see why you should vote for West London’s newest singing sensation!

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