Yesterday’s News: Sophie Fauchier

Yesterday’s News, brings together the work of three photographers, documenting three major disasters across thirty years: Chernobyl, Bosnia and Nepal.

Despite detailing three very different tragedies, all the work shares an interest in examining how people live in the wake of catastrophe.

Sophie Fauchier (Former Kensington and Chelsea College Photography student) is a fine art photographer  specialising in photographic narratives. In Yesterday’s News she documents  her journey  through  the devastation  of the Bosnian  war. Her work captures  the scars left on the earth, in the remnants of a forgotten war -­‐   and a place that was once headline news. In dialogue with survivors she has created images that serve as artefacts of human suffering.

Featured Work:

* MuSA International Art Space has recently selected her photography for their new publication project: ‘Woman’s Essence’.  Her work in Yesterday’s News stems from a commission to document the work achieved by Miracles Centre for Prosthesis and Care a small NGO based in Mostar. 

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On  Wednesday  8th  June,  a  panel  of  experts,  including  Tony  Barber  (Europe  Editor  of  the  Financial  Times, Moscow correspondent  for Reuters news agency at the time of the Chernobyl disaster and war reporter for the  Independent  during  the  Bosnian  war)  and Jane  Corbin  (Journalist  and  Filmmaker  for  the  BBC  and Guardian,  amongst  others),  will  join  the  photographers   for  ‘Yesterday’s  News  /  Today’s  Context’,  a discussion of the exhibition’s themes.  

On Saturday 11th June, poet Mario Petrucci, (PhD physicist and winner of the 2002 Arvon/ Daily Telegraph International  Poetry Prize) will give a reading of his award-­‐winning  ‘Heavy Water, a Poem for Chernobyl’. He will be joined by Linda Walker MBE, (founder and chief executive of the Chernobyl  Children’s  Project), to discuss the impact of the disaster.