Youth Travel Ambassadors Initiative

What is YTA (Youth Travel Ambassadors)?

IMG_6799Youth travel ambassadors (YTA) is a youth-led programme for secondary schools, sixth forms & colleges in London which is led by Transport for London (TFL).Young people aged 11-19 can make a difference to the transport issues affecting their school communities.

The Kensington and Chelsea YTA Team meet to discuss travel within the college. This terms theme is active travel, so the college’s YTA team have come up with various ways to promote active travel within the 16-19 year old age group. 

The YTA team plan to make a video and posters for students and staff to promote the various ways of active travel. There are many ways of being active for example walking, running, biking, skateboarding, riding a scooter or getting off the bus/train a stop earlier if you live far and walking the rest of the way.

We are trying to create a new college ethos by getting students and staff involved in being more active, the aim is to get everyone who participates to use the Map My Walk app. This app calculates how much distance you’ve travelled and how many calories you’ve lost during that time. We will then monitor this every Friday by getting the participant to screenshot their evaluation and post it on the college Facebook or twitter page.

The winner will be the person who has been the most active. There are three prizes for 1st place 2nd place & 3rd place. If there is a tie the student council members will decide who will receive the prize, this will be done by putting both participants’ names in a hat and have a draw to insure fairness.

We hope to start holding focus groups to evaluate how many students and staffs is active travelling. At the beginning of these focus groups we will hold a survey asking them a few questions on active travel such as; how much active travels have you done in the past week? We will then show a short film that was made by the YTA team and we ask a few questions about how they feel about being active now.

What happened at Campaign Junction?

Campaign Junction Events are an opportunity for YTAs to gain valuable presentation skills and receive additional support, funding and guidance in order to implement their campaign ideas. On February 11th 2016 there was a campaign junction held for many schools to promote a valuable presentation to TFL as well as other schools. They receive additional support, funding of £250 and guidance in order to implement their campaign ideas.