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Marie Abouo – Hairdressing

A little while ago Marie Abouo was working as a shop assistant at Sainsbury’s. Today she is working for one of West London’s top salons with an award winning hairdresser, and it’s all thanks to a hairdressing course at Kensington and Chelsea College.

“Going to College and studying hairdressing has completely changed my life!”
Marie Abouo

Marie was given an opportunity through the College’s Hair and Beauty Department to meet award winning celebrity stylist, Charlotte Mensah.

Having impressed Charlotte, Marie was given an opportunity to work two days-a-week in Charlotte’s Salon in the heart of Portobello, West London.

The College supported Marie in the job opportunity whilst she continues to develop her technical skills on the College’s hairdressing course.

Students get so many opportunities at the College. The tutors are always pushing their students to be their best. They really are wonderful and always full of encouragement, especially those moments when you doubt yourself.


The tutors introduce you to contacts in the industry, give employment advice and teach you the skills to become a fantastic hairdresser! I love the fact we are taught by people who are still working in the industry so they know their stuff! My class is like a family. I’m totally addicted to learning at the College!

Nozima Saidjanova – Fashion

Nozima Saidjanova studies a Level 3 fashion course at Kensington and Chelsea College to achieve her dream of becoming a Fashion Designer. The ambitious 20-year-old started out on a series of art and design courses at the College to improve her drawing techniques before moving on to fashion.

I wanted to get into fashion and I really liked the area that the College was based. It has a reputation as having good quality teaching and it seemed really friendly.

Throughout her studies Nozima has been supported by the College’s Study Support Team as she is deaf and uses British Sign Language.

I use a College sign language interpreter for all of my classes, as well as a weekly one-to-one session which supports my in-class learning. My interpreter helped me to settle in and gain confidence.
It’s always nerve-wracking starting a new course and a new college, especially when you rely on sign language to communicate. The interpreter would help and encourage me to interact; also they would intervene if I was struggling to understand what someone was saying, or had a challenging situation.
When I started at the College I felt very shy. I have more confidence now and have made friends over the last 2 years. I feel I am more assertive and happy to say if I’m struggling to communicate.

Arturs Razevskis – ESOL

Arturs Razevskis studied ESOL Level 1 at Kensington and Chelsea College. When he arrived in the UK from Latvia at the end of 2011 Arturs spoke very little English. However the teenager was determined to improve his English skills to pursue his dream of one day running his own business so decided to enrol on a three-day a week ESOL course.

 I came to England in 2011 and wanted to start improving my English as soon as I arrived. I did learn a bit of English in Latvia but it wasn’t as good as what I have been taught at Kensington and Chelsea College. I’ve become more confident speaking English in the last few months since enrolling on the ESOL course. I really like the course I’m doing at the college as it teaches us in a fun and enjoyable way. I have been learning to write and speak English with other people like me who don’t speak a lot of English. We are all learning a lot and always practice speaking in class with each other.

After I finish this course I will do the next level of ESOL and combine it with a Business Studies course. My dream is to run my own business.

Kris Razevskis – ESOL

Kris Razevskis studied Entry 2 and 3 ESOL at Kensington and Chelsea College.When he arrived in the UK from Latvia three months before Kris spoke very little English. However the teenager was determined to continue his education and go to university so decided to enrol on a three-day a week ESOL course.

I only knew a little bit of English when I came to the UK and realised without learning the language I wouldn’t be able to study and go to university. To help me continue my studies from Latvia I chose the ESOL course at Kensington and Chelsea College, which has made me more confident in speaking and writing English. I can also read and understand the language much better. I have learnt a lot on the course and the tutors have a very nice attitude and help the students.

In Latvia the level of English I was learning was not as good as what I am learning now so I have progressed a lot. For example I am better at picking out spelling grammar mistakes which I couldn’t really do before. In class we’re always practising English on each other. In fact I’m always practising my English. Even when I am outside of class I will speak English around the college with my friends so we can get better.

Kris Razevskis hopes to study a Business and Management Degree at University.

Jessica Mercer – Childcare

Jessica Mercer, 17, enrolled on the CACHE Award/Certificate/Diploma in Childcare and Education straight from school. She was awarded a Learner Achievement Award this year.

My course offered me the opportunity to understand childcare and what it involves through written and investigative study, as well as research and practical work in my placement. It helped me to learn new skills and about myself and what I am capable of achieving.


I am very proud to receive the Learner Achievement Award. It just goes to show that if I work hard I can do anything I set my mind to.

Stephanie Dufek – Digital-Media

After leaving school Stephanie knew she wanted to study but was not sure what would be most suited to her skills. She came to London and worked for a while as an Au pair. She found Kensington and Chelsea College and realised an ambition to study Computer Arts and Design. She joined the BTEC First Diploma in Art and Design: Multimedia and Graphics which offered her the right balance of Art, Design and Graphics.

The course taught me how to work from a professional brief; it gave me freedoms and restrictions, but helped me to work under the pressure of deadlines. The course was interesting because there were people from different countries and of varying ages. You can learn a lot from so many different characters. Our tutor helped us to recognise what would suit us after our course and I am now on the National Certificate in Multimedia at the College and planning to go to University! I feel so much more confident and optimistic.

Ibrahim Farid – Digital-Media

Ibrahim joined the college after looking around to find courses in Art and Design – he felt that the college offered the best courses in London and joined the BTEC First Diploma in Art and Design: Multimedia and Graphics.

The tutors and the college are really friendly and welcoming but they also encourage you to work hard. I have learned how to work with deadlines and am receiving help with application to University. I am now on the National Certificate in Multimedia. Being in this college put me back on track and made me think about the future seriously. The College is full of adults so it feels like it’s more serious to do work and not mess around!

Barry Freeman – Graphic Design

Barry had a little experience of Art and Design and knew he wanted to continue to study after school. He came to Kensington and Chelsea College and joined the BTEC First Diploma in Art and Design: Multimedia and Graphics. After building a portfolio of work he was accepted onto the National Certificate in Multimedia at the College.

“The students and tutors in my class were great and the college was a nice environment to join. I knew what I wanted to achieve, but the college has helped me to go a step further towards my goals. My course helped me to develop my design skills along with skills in team working, the facilities we are able to use are of a high standard and the college overall is great!”