The Corporation of the College is an independent legal body which comprises people who are drawn mainly from business and the local community along with representatives of staff and students at the college as well as the Principal.

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Meeting minutes

Executive Team and Governors

The Board of Governors serve in a voluntary capacity for initially a period of four years although may go on to be involved with the College over a much longer period.

The role of the Corporation is to set the general direction and framework within which the College operates and is not directly involved in the day-to-day management. It has six principal responsibilities:

  • To determine the educational mission and character of the college
  • To approve the Quality Strategy
  • To be satisfied as to the effective and efficient use of resources
  • To approve the annual budget
  • The appointment of senior staff (Principal, and Vice Principals)
  • The framework for pay and conditions of service for all other staff

The Board holds 20-30 minute open sessions prior to the start of Board meetings, so non-members can use it as a platform to ask questions. Due to the limited availability of space, this is limited to three non-members of the Corporation.

If you would like to attend an open session, please email the Clerk to the Corporation at least a week in advance and places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

While the Governing Body is committed to running open sessions to encourage engagement with its communities and stakeholders, attendance is at the discretion of the Chair. On some occasions, the agenda for the main meeting may mean that an open session cannot be accommodated due to time constraints.

The Clerk to the Corporation is Michael Wood.


Minutes taken for all of the committees are available to view or download from this page.

Governor’s Handbook

The Kensington and Chelsea College Handbook for Governors is available here