Students studying Art & Design Level 3 showcased their work at our Hortensia Gallery, focusing their work on the theme ‘Transformation – Cultural and Drawing’.

Students made several study visits to research cultural artefacts in the British Museum and other London galleries. They were presented with the task of responding to and interpreting their research.

Caressa Carpo with her work

Students experimented with a range of techniques and materials in the studio to develop ideas for their own sculpture, leading to a final outcome of their own choice.

The large mixed media drawing project approaches the theme of ‘Transformation’ and are based on manipulating elements of visual language.

Stuart Denyer, Fine Art lecturer, said: “The opportunity to show work in the gallery away from the studio space gives students a chance to individually and collectively reflect and evaluate the work. It is often a totally new experience for students to show in a gallery context and gives them a valuable insight into the demands of engaging with an audience.”

Caressa Carpo, studying UAL Extended Diploma in Art & Design Level 3, said: “This was a sculpture project. In this piece I used salt because when I was young I used to do crystal experiments and so I wanted to do something like that. I also used ink as well in this piece; it’s really fun doing the shapes and sizes. I had some difficulty with it because it was really fragile and kept on moving apart.”


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