Alumni students from Kensington and Chelsea College opened the doors to their ‘Unfamiliar Travels’ exhibition, at a gallery space on Kings Road, Chelsea.

The event was well-attended by current students, staff, friends and families of the artists.

Jaz Kilmister, an exhibiting artist, said: “It’s great to see how all the people I was on the course with have pursued their photography and developed their ideas. We left two years ago but we’ve had this exhibition in the works for about a year.

Unfamiliar Travels exhibition from our students and Photography alumni

It’s really interesting to see what everyone has come up with and how everyone has just been pushing their ideas forward. It’s great!”

Manon Droz, teacher at KCC said, “What’s important is that this event was generated by alumni from a variety of courses. It shows that a community of artists and photographers can co-operate with different genres.”

Nikee Brooklyn, who led in organising the event and currently studies HND Photography at KCC said, “I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, my confidence is sky high tonight.

I have nothing but thanks for the College. I could not be here without KCC or the tutors. The College is amazing and people deserve to know that this is a really good place to study.”

Niki Sianni, Photography tutor at KCC, said, “I’m very proud of Nikee. I taught her levels 2, 3 and 4 and she’s currently on level 5, which is impressive. Putting this [exhibition] together and dealing with different people is quite challenging in itself.”

The exhibition ran from the 14th – 18th May and will be followed by end-of-year shows organised by all creative arts courses at the College. These shows are held during June and July and allow current students to display their work. Details of upcoming exhibitions can be found here