The first Learner Voice Committee (LVC) was held at Kensington and Chelsea College last week with the theme ‘The future of KCC’

As part of the LVC learners were appointed Principal to discuss and present issues they think impact the College surrounding curriculum, community engagement, facilities and student voice.

Beau, a student rep studying Access to Humanities, said: “I think [the activity was] quite insightful into how other students are thinking about their experience. I’ve never been a principal in my life, I don’t understand necessarily how to manage a school or College, but I think what’s most important is to take on board the ideas and concerns of other people and try and articulate them in a way that gives them a fair chance of being heard.”

Following their discussions within groups, students took to the stage in front of a jam-packed auditorium, and presented their ideas to the leadership team, Chair of Governors, and principal himself, Andy Cole.

They made suggestions such as run ‘homework clubs’ and other community activities at times when the building is quieter, develop enterprise activities utilising student creativity, hold more ‘open lectures’ and events to integrate students from different subject areas, and widen the choices at degree level, to name just a few.

Head of Student Experience said: “This event underpinned the importance of students being partners in learning and actively participating in student engagement. Our students have had an invaluable opportunity to hear, share and keenly express their views through meaningful discussions. They also excelled at delivering ‘Principal for the day’ presentations associated with current college matters.”

Andy Cole, Principal of Kensington and Chelsea College, said: “We’re delighted that over 30 student councillors, representing all our course areas, were here today. The ideas, opinions and suggestions they contributed will make a big difference across our teaching and student services. The ‘student voice’ is invaluable to the future of the College.”

Learners will have another opportunity to share their views at the end of May in the next Learner Voice Committee of the year.

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