Students sitting GCSEs in English and Maths at Kensington and Chelsea College received their results last week with many outstanding success stories.

Overall, students at the college achieved pass rates (grades 4+) in English nearly 20% above the national average*. In maths, the pass rate was again well above the national rate*

One student, Febe, achieved some of the best results in the college. She said:  “I was confident that I would pass but I had no idea just how well I was going to do. I got a 7 in maths and 8 in English which is great because I didn’t even like writing when I first started but now I love it. Getting these GCSEs with KCC means I now have the skills to start my Level 3 accounting qualification.”

Another student, Sina, only had a basic grasp of English when he came to England, with his first language being Farsi.

He said: “I’m so happy to have passed!

“The teachers were great, they really cared about the course and how well we did. My teacher held extra classes for a few hours a week before the exam and it helped me pass because it was so difficult.”

*National averages referred to are those of students aged 17+ taking GCSE English and Maths exams in 2019. KCC students achieving grade 4 and better: English 54%, Maths 31%. Provisional national averages approx. 35% and 25%.