Early Years practitioner and author, Greg Bottrill, held an exclusive workshop at Kensington and Chelsea College last month (27 November).

The Can I Go and Play Now author introduced his practice ‘The Message Centre’ at the event. ‘The Message Centre’ is a technique to transform writing through the art of messaging and is being practiced in early years settings across the UK.

Greg believes the model of education should change and his practice uses children’s play and their interests to achieve, rather than using the existing ‘adult agenda’ model in education.

Greg said: “During my time as a teacher I developed an early years practice, which was very play-based and lots

of people became very interested in it as the results were good and they wanted to know why. From that, I then had the opportunity to write a book.”

“In education we tell children what we want them to do, but we do not consider what the children want to do, and then we wonder why children don’t enjoy school.”

“Children have just as much of a right to play and have joy and they should have an emotional connection to their day, just like we do.”

“I look at early years writing and explore how to do it in a different way. I hope teachers will go back to their schools and experience practicing the concept. I hope I give students something to think about and show them that there is an alternative.”

Tracie Fryer-Kanssen, section head for Vocational Learning at the College, said: “We are very proud to collaborate with Greg to launch his ‘Message Centre’ strategy in London and what a fantastic turn out – some students and practitioners travelled from Southampton! Early years practitioners are always keen to embrace new ideas and creative approaches. Kensington and Chelsea College’s Early Years Teams and the Foundation Degree Team in Collaboration with Kingston University are happy to showcase them.”