This week it’s National Stress Awareness and we think it’s important to maintain your wellbeing and also learn what you can do to help you manage stress.

Our Mental Health Advisor at Kensington, Amanda, shares her top tips.

Stress can have an impact on many parts of our lives it can affect our health, work, studies, and personal relationships. There are many factors which can contribute to stress such as pressure to achieve well and issues that arise in personal lives.

Some common signs of stress can include: a low mood, tiredness, feeling irritable, confused, restless, experiencing a lack of concentration, perhaps a feeling of hyperactivity; rapid speech and thoughts, fainting, nausea, tearfulness, forgetfulness and negative thoughts.

Top tips that can help manage stress:

  • Build helpful support systems
  • Be as positive as possible about the future
  • Seek help and advice from someone you trust
  • Resolve conflicts early
  • Learn problem-solving strategies
  • Build greater emotional resilience
  • Learn relaxation/mindfulness techniques

Feeling stressed?

  • Check you have a balanced & healthy diet
  • Make time for friends
  • Organise your timetable to include breaks and time for yourself
  • Practice relaxation/mindfulness techniques
  • Include physical exercise into your daily routine
  • Organise enjoyable activities to look forward to
  • Take a holiday or change of scene; even a few hours away can make all the difference to coping with stress
  • Importantly, reward yourself for your achievements
  • Be kind to yourself – if you don’t always get things right every time, forgive yourself.

Here to help:

At the College we are here to support our students and to help you achieve well.  Students can find support through our tutors, wellbeing officers, learning coaches & additional learning support.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Officers are based at both centres Kensington (Amanda) and Chelsea (Valerie) Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and can offer advice, interventions and referrals to other services.

Outside the college students can ask your GP for advice, access online peer support, and visit websites of specialist organisations.

Useful contacts:


Big White Wall

Be Mindful



Stress Management Society

International Stress Management Association