Start date: 13-09-2019
Campus: Kensington Centre
Times: Fri 10:00 - 16:00

Lecturer: J Macdonald
Full fee: £1645.00
Duration: 35 weeks
Course code: 19JFD200-01

This one day a week Jewellery course provides students, who have achieved Level 2 or equivalent, with an opportunity to develop their design ideas and extend Jewellery making skills. Projects will encourage confidence in the handling and understanding of materials, techniques and processes. Visual research and the development of original ideas are an important aspect of the course with the emphasis on producing work with a strong personal language. The course will require some independent research to be conducted outside of the taught course hours. Presentation, and portfolio building skills, will help with progression to university or self-employment. Students are charged an annual studio fee and will pay for some materials.

Fee concessions may be available depending on your individual circumstances