Start date: 07-05-2020
Campus: Kensington Centre
Times: Thu 10:00 - 16:00

Lecturer: Nam Tran
Full fee: £315.00
Duration: 7 weeks
Course code: 19JAC003-03

ENROLMENT INFORMATION: there are various ways to enrol, please go to our home page or

This course aims to extend techniques and develop personal work and visual identity through individual guidance and support. It is suitable for those who have completed an intermediate course or have advanced practical making skills.

The class is taught by an industry practitioner in a purpose built ceramics studio, with relevant equipment to develop Ceramics, Pottery and Hand Building Skills.

For this course, students will be required to wear appropriate clothing as some work can be messy and they will be charged for clay used and they will pay a small studio fee.

This course is also supported by a technician who can advise on clay, bisque firing, glaze mixing, glaze firing and the various preparations of different finishes etc.