Start date: 09-09-2019
Campus: Kensington Centre
Times: Mon-Wed 10:00 - 16:00

Lecturer: P Hall
Full fee: £2895.00
Duration: 35 weeks
Course code: 19MFM006-01

This course has been developed to give you skills relevant to a variety of media areas including Web Design, Photography, Research Techniques, Audio, Video Production and Graphics. You will begin by learning about how the design process works through the study of research techniques, planning methods and developmental skills. You will then implement the software to create a digital project based around web design and graphics. In the second term you will study digital photography, web animation techniques and sound, and you will develop the skills covered in term one. In the third term you will create a personal project that will encompass a range of skills and techniques learned in the first two terms.
Throughout the three terms the course covers a wide range of digital media techniques including Research, Design Development, Digital Graphics (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Digital Photography, Web Banner creation, Web Development (WordPress, Dreamweaver).
Projects will provide you with skills and understanding in various areas but will also allow the flexibility for you to develop your own personal style. This will provide you with a varied body of work that will build into an excellent digital portfolio ready for application onto higher-level courses.

Fee concessions may be available depending on your individual circumstances