Start date: 23-09-2020
Campus: Chelsea Centre
Times: Wed/Thu/Fri 10:00 - 16:00

Lecturer: Team
Full fee: £5950.00
Duration: 33 weeks
Course code: 20KFM005-01

This one year programme includes a series of projects designed to develop students’ creativity and build on existing millinery skills. With a strong focus on design development and specialist couture techniques including hand-shaping, block-making and theatrical millinery. Contextual studies, visual studies and professional practise add breadth to studio work, alongside tutorials, workshops and lectures.
The course involves a series of projects which will build on existing skills in millinery and develop creativity. There is a strong focus on design and specialist couture techniques, including theatrical millinery, hand-shaping and block making in millinery and headdresses. Learning from successful commercial milliners, you will also create work for a prestigious exhibition, held as part of the College’s annual end-of-year arts shows.

– Visual Communication
– Ideas Generation and Development
– Contextual and Cultural Referencing
– Professional Practice
– Project Design and Implementation
– Design Method and Application
– Fashion Collection Realisation
– Theatrical Millinery
– Summer Millinery
– Commercial Millinery
– Felt Millinery
– Blockmaking
– Final Collection

From 3 February 2020, Kensington and Chelsea College are part of Morley College London.
The course you are applying for will still:
• run at the stated centre (North Kensington or Chelsea)
• retain the accredited qualification, course content and delivery, as listed.

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