Start date: 24-09-2020
Campus: Chelsea Centre
Times: Thu 9:30 - 16:30

Lecturer: Niki Sianni/Team
Full fee: £2975.00
Duration: 30 weeks
Course code: 20TFP502-01

Higher National Certificate (HNC) Photography provides a broad introduction into a wide range of photographic practices. It is a level 4 course, which is equivalent to the first year of a degree course. The course offers an overview into professional practice, editorial and commercial photography. HNC can be used as a stepping-stone to place you in a very strong position to continue to study at a higher level such as HND or degree level or even a Masters at a later date.
It is a part time course, which will run for two years. Over the two years you will build on your knowledge by studying a number of different units. Some units are more theoretically based which contextualise different photographic approaches against a background of historical and political relevance. Other units explore more practical aspects of photography such as studio lighting, digital postproduction, analogue photography and professional development. A well-equipped studio, black and white darkroom and digital facilities support the course. The broad variety of units will allow you to discover the area of photography you are particularly passionate about and the HNC team will offer the support and career guidance to enable you to pursue that passion professionally.
In order to do this course you will need to have completed, or have knowledge equivalent to a level 3 Photography course. Throughout your journey you will be urged to work independently, while our experienced photographic team will continuously support you.