Start date: 22-10-2019
Campus: Chelsea Centre
Times: Tue/Wed 10:00 - 16:00

Lecturer: A Yanya
Full fee: £185.00
Duration: 1
Course code: 19TAE001-01

Among many printmaking techniques and processes, mezzotint (half-tone) in particular stands out when it comes to creating rich, velvety blacks, and delicate, soft mid-greys. It is a perfect medium for reproducing dramatic light effects and contrasts. After a detailed demonstration, you will be using your own drawings or photographic references which will be developed into a suitable image to transfer on to a pre-rocked copper plate. Before working on your plate you will have some exercises with the mezzotint rocker, burnisher and scraper. You will also be introduced to some other alternative techniques related to this medium. The studio in the Carlyle building (room CG05) at the Chelsea Centre is light, spacious and well-equipped with specialist facilities for etching. There are 2 Rochat presses bed size 26 x 56 inches. No previous experience required. All materials are provided including tea and coffee.Maximum 8 places.