Start date: 11-09-2019
Campus: Chelsea Centre
Times: Wed/Thu/Fri 10:00 - 16:00

Lecturer: Justin Hibbs & Team
Full fee: £5421.00
Duration: 35
Course code: 19TFV001-01

This challenging one year foundation course will build on the skills you bring to College. It will give you the knowledge, breadth, intensive preparation and quality of work necessary to compete for a place on a wide variety of specialised BA/FdA university courses in Art & Design. The diagnostic nature of the foundation course will help you to discover and develop your strengths, and choose your preferred area of specialisation. These are Fine Art, Visual Communication, Fashion / Textiles and 3D Design.The course, which is unit based, has three stages; Exploratory, Pathway and Confirmatory. The course culminates with a Final Major Project, which generates a self-directed body of work for the end of course exhibition. Contextual studies and Art History are integrated and you are required to produce two pieces of written work. The course allows you to develop individuality, experiment with new ways of creative and visual thinking, explore the breadth of possibilities within art and design in two and three dimensions and pursue a sustained investigation into your chosen specialism.

Fee concessions may be available depending on your individual circumstances