Start date: 07-09-2020
Campus: Kensington Centre
Times: Var -

Lecturer: Team
Full fee: £2895.00
Duration: 35 weeks
Course code: 20JPA029-01

This course is designed to cover the fundamental skills relevant to Graphic Design, including drawing development, a variety of art based tasks designed to increase your creative thinking, basic typography, elements of design, and computer skills. It is a project based ‘hands-on’ course that will encourage you to develop ideas and practical skills to enable you to design a range of graphic design ‘pieces’.

Throughout the course you will be encouraged to develop your drawing and making skills through a wide range of classroom activities. You will investigate the elements of Graphic Design and will spend time learning some software application skills from the Adobe Creative Suite. In term one, through the study of design concepts, and the implementation of the software you will create a digital project based around a given topic. In the second term you will develop your skills to create more complex work on a given topic. In the third term you will choose a subject around which to develop a self-initiated project to best showcase your skills.

Throughout the course you will cover a wide range of Art and Design techniques including drawing with a variety of mediums over a range of subject and methods, colour theory, line, tone, texture etc., packaging basics, page layout, typography, size/scale etc. You will develop sketchbook work every term as a basis of presenting your work for assessment and, and use digital graphics (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) to develop your designs and ideas.

Projects will provide you with skills and understanding in various areas but will also allow the flexibility for you to develop your own personal style. This will provide you with a varied body of work that will build into a portfolio suitable for application onto higher-level courses.

Fee concessions may be available depending on your individual circumstances