Students studying HNC Fine Art at Kensington and Chelsea College organised an interim exhibition showcasing their projects with work from over 17 artists, many of whom were new to fine art. The show included sculptures, paintings, multimedia, tapestry, performance and video art.

Student Rachel Hogg shared some of the inspiration behind her piece which explored the impact humanity have on our natural environment, specifically plastic waste in the ocean. She said “Because of how much plastic waste we are putting into the ocean, sea creatures behaviour and biology is starting to change and I took interesting shapes and patterns found in sea life and different plastic waste and then I started to play around with it and created different show how we’re starting to impact it in a subtle way”

Student Marcus Warry also shared the personal inspiration behind his pieces which were influenced by his trip to Uganda to learn boxing. He said “When I came back, I was still thinking about it a lot and it was impossible not to create art about it. It’s all inspired by a picture that I took from a still of someone filming me sparring in the gym in Uganda. From that photo I did a charcoal drawing then I did a lino print. They were all inspired by that initial photo.”