Fashion student Yasmin writes about life in and out of the college

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Yasmin but I go by the nickname of ‘coconut-girl’. What can I say, coconuts are a favourite from childhood; irrespective of how old we get, I guess we still have that little child within, and that child always had a dream to work in fashion.

Fast forwarding decades, I never actually believed I would be pursuing dreams of becoming an inspiring British fashion designer. Or be creating that designs would be called “cutting edge” or “St. Martins style”.

Fashion design was the first degree I wanted to do, but life kept getting in the way. I’d written a fantasy novel, but felt like I had hit a dead end, with no vision where to go next. In a twist of events, after an accident and not being able to walk for a while, I took pen to paper and started to design again. By twist of fate my fashion designs were spotted on the internet and I was advised to apply to Kensington and Chelsea College.

Thought, “hey why not, I have nothing to lose.”  To my surprise I got in.

Fast forward another few months on… finally found somewhere belong and fit in! My tutor is very nurturing and supportive and brilliant at allowing me to develop creativity through designs. I have started to merge some of my fashion designs from my written novel and tell a story of a very heavy heart and a fight for survival.  The experience so far has indeed been challenging, but education is more than just learning, it is about trying to build a better life, grow confident. Learn to be independent and take opportunities to get out of disadvantaged positions.

We all need an umbrella to hide behind, when the world gets crazy, a safe place to learn and grow. Be mentored even, to be the best at what you can possibly be, so that you eventually become prepared for the real world. College, education for me personally is the strongest foundation dreams are built upon, successful ones at that. Coming from nothing and severe hardship to learning, developing designs, using it as a positive emotional outlet is the best way forward. College gives us purpose. To most students it is all we have.

So far, college is a dream come true. On this page you can see some of my sketches, developed through guidance of tutor. We all need that tutor who is more than a teacher. A mentor, a guide, an inspiration to encourage and most importantly, someone who believes in us and our work.

I am looking forward to working with the staff in the fashion department to help promote our exhibitions next term – so you will certainly hear more from me soon. I am signing off now with a final thought from my course so far: “What you put in you get back out.”