Course of study: UAL Diploma in Art & Design Level 3

Why did you come to KCC?

Initially I came here because I was interested in graphics and I enrolled on a graphics course but I didn’t like it so I decided to switch pathways and do fine art. I came here to find my creative path.

The success rate of the course attracted me to come here to study, a lot of the students that come here get into their first choice uni’s, and that’s quite high in terms of art colleges.

What’s the best thing about studying at KCC?

Getting to experience new techniques and try new things. You get to experience printing, photography, sculpture, and get to explore a whole range of materials. The teachers really push me and encourage me to experiment with a lot of different things that I wouldn’t necessarily use.

Progressing after KCC?

After I finish I’m going to do the extended diploma which I hope will lead onto set design.