Arturs Razevskis studied ESOL Level 1 at Kensington and Chelsea College. When he arrived in the UK from Latvia at the end of 2011 Arturs spoke very little English. However the teenager was determined to improve his English skills to pursue his dream of one day running his own business so decided to enrol on a three-day a week ESOL course.

“I came to England in 2011 and wanted to start improving my English as soon as I arrived. I did learn a bit of English in Latvia but it wasn’t as good as what I have been taught at Kensington and Chelsea College. I’ve become more confident speaking English in the last few months since enrolling on the ESOL course. I really like the course I’m doing at the college as it teaches us in a fun and enjoyable way. I have been learning to write and speak English with other people like me who don’t speak a lot of English. We are all learning a lot and always practice speaking in class with each other.”

“After I finish this course I will do the next level of ESOL and combine it with a Business Studies course. My dream is to run my own business.”