Course of study: AAT Level 2

Why did you come to KCC to study accounting?

I did Level 1 and Level 2 book keeping at the Chelsea Centre, I just remember how brilliant it was and I did quite well. That was over 13 years ago.

What has made you come back to study?

I realised that I was actually really good at it and I should of took it further. I did Art & Design previously at KCC and I went on to university.

Book keeping was always the passion that I should have gone further with. I came back to do book keeping to refresh and then Richard [my tutor] said to me you are actually really good, you should progress onto the AAT. I didn’t have that much confidence as it has been many years since studying, but Richard gave me that push and I am so happy he did as I have completed the Level 2 with a 93% distinction.

What would you say is the best thing about this course?

It was fast – quite intense! It was really practical, it was not just sitting and reading, there was a lot of papers to do. The work I was doing felt like I was on a real job, but I was learning too!

Why do you think people come here to study AAT?

People have said that they heard Richard [tutor] was really good. I have realised Richard is a good teacher. He teaches you, he makes it very clear and simple, and he is there when you need him.

What is your biggest success since starting this course?

I think it is the confidence Richard has given me. I started with Book Keeping Level 1 as I thought I needed to refresh my memory, and I had that little self-doubt, but I got a first class pass on that course.  Every time I had that self-doubt, Richard gave me that confidence to make me not doubt myself.

Getting the distinction was my biggest achievement, but building that confidence that I lost was my biggest success. I needed someone to remind me that I was good at it, and from a good teacher like Richard, that was good.

What do you feel these courses are helping you with?

Hopefully it’ll get me that perfect job I have been hoping for. I have children, so I need to be flexible and accounting is a job where you can be. Also, not just taking a job for the sake of it, but knowing that I am good at what I do and I am worth more. My teacher said as I got this far why don’t I go onto University – that would be amazing! It’s more than just learning it’s realizing you got that potential to go further!

Progressing after this course?

I am going to do a short course in Maths to refresh my memory and then I hope to study AAT Level 3 and then go from there; whether it will be level 4 and then university. It’s one step at a time.