Marlisa Barradas, 22, is on a Business Administration Apprenticeship at Rights Management International Ltd – a Licensing business for music. She is one of three members of staff and helps keep the office running smoothly.

Marlisa left school with her GCSE’s and went straight into work, mainly in the retails sector. She was inspired to take up an apprenticeship after learning she could gain a qualification and get paid at the same time.

“I looked into apprenticeships and thought it was a fantastic opportunity for me to gain on-the-job training in an organisation that interests me and in a role that could lead to a real career. It’s also great that apprenticeships pay a real salary.”

In a typical day as a Business Admin Apprentice Marlisa gets involved with a wide range of tasks including dealing with royalty statements, raising invoices and building client relationships.

“I could go on all day about the things I get to do and the jobs I help out with! There’s never a dull day! As well as learning about the day to day needs of the business I’ve also improved my IT skills and gained confidence as I’m having to email and speak to people I don’t know.”