Nozima Saidjanova studies a Level 3 fashion course at Kensington and Chelsea College to achieve her dream of becoming a Fashion Designer. The ambitious 20-year-old started out on a series of art and design courses at the College to improve her drawing techniques before moving on to fashion.

“I wanted to get into fashion and I really liked the area that the College was based. It has a reputation as having good quality teaching and it seemed really friendly.”

Throughout her studies Nozima has been supported by the College’s Study Support Team as she is deaf and uses British Sign Language.

“I use a College sign language interpreter for all of my classes, as well as a weekly one-to-one session which supports my in-class learning. My interpreter helped me to settle in and gain confidence.

It’s always nerve-wracking starting a new course and a new college, especially when you rely on sign language to communicate. The interpreter would help and encourage me to interact; also they would intervene if I was struggling to understand what someone was saying, or had a challenging situation.

When I started at the College I felt very shy. I have more confidence now and have made friends over the last 2 years. I feel I am more assertive and happy to say if I’m struggling to communicate.”