Find out how Access to Humanities & Social Science student Samer got the support and guidance to apply for University.

I am Samer; I had been out of education for many years. My interest in Humanities and Social Science developed through reading post-colonial literature such as Black Skin, White Mask by Frantz Fanon and Edward Said’s Orientalism. These books and others of its kind made me question the world we live in, how it came to be like this and it gave me a new-found hunger to learn more.

What attracted you to doing this course?

KCC is the only college that teaches a module in African and Caribbean Studies, linking with Universities such as SOAS. So with this in mind I had to
go for the Access to Humanities and Social Science as I am wishing to study a degree in Politics and African Studies at SOAS.

What do you enjoy most about the course?

The teaching experience has helped me become more academic, I can now put together solid, credible and coherent arguments and intellectualise what I
want to say on paper. Additionally I can debate with like-minded people which pushes me to reach my potential. There is also constant help and support from

What are your plans for the future?

The course has given me the confidence to go further into the academic route to not just get a degree but to pursue a masters and a PhD. I want to give back to my community and hopefully leave something substantial like those who came before me.