Course of studying: AAT Level 3

Why have you chose to study AAT?

Accounting is in every organisation. Maths is what I truly love. My goal in life is to be a Chief Financial Officer and I have this idea now and I don’t want to stop.

Since I started I am much more interested in accounting as my tutor teaches the course well and I understand it – that’s why I like studying here. The environment is really nice and I feel comfortable coming studying here.

What is your background?

Currently I am a restaurant supervisor – I have never worked in a the financial world.

After studying what do you want to do?

I hope to study level 4 and progress onto CIMA or ACCA. I just want to keep growing and keep self-developing – that’ll never stop!

What is good about his course?

In my current job I look at the assets and the income in the restaurant. I am currently learning things in the course and applying this into my work. Even though my studies is separate to my job, both help me understand more.

My tutor is very understanding. He has also let me borrow his own textbooks. He wants all his students to do very well and that is good for me as I like that challenge. I can’t see myself studying with another teacher as I am used to his teaching – he has been my tutor since I started the level 1 course.