Simone Bynoe studied UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design Level 4 and is currently at University.

Simone started her course at Kensington and Chelsea College without a specific Art medium. With the help from her tutors Simone was able to express and learn different mediums to find what suited her best.

Since leaving Kensington and Chelsea College Simone’s painting ‘Inside Out’ was selected for a London exhibition by curator Rosalind Davis and Simone was the youngest curator to exhibit. The same painting was showcased at the Fine Art end of year show at KCC in 2018.

Speaking about her painting ‘Inside Out’:

“We lost family, friends and neighbours and all we have now is our memories and desire to get justice for the victims. The fire has left a huge hole in our community but also brought us together more than ever.. .the textures in the painting ‘Inside Out’ represent the complex emotions surrounding this incident.”

‘Inside Out’ by Simone Bynoe

Simone spoke about her time at KCC:

“What I enjoy most about this course is the self-motivated and driven work. I am able to express my ideas and receive good, positive feedback. When I came onto the course I did not have a specific medium, I was not a painter, a sculpture or a drawer, and I literally came in like a blank canvas. Doing research for different projects really motivated me to explore and try different things like sculpture and abstract painting.

I owe so much to my tutors. They have really helped me; they are always there to push your work to another level. They have a wealth of information and experience and I owe it to them that I got into University.”