Tamara is a apprentice in Warner Brothers supporting all multimedia activities:

How are you enjoying your experience?

  • Good insight into the world of media and how graphic design supports all their movie poster, retail activity.
  • The boss is very proactive in making me aware of my career options. They are putting me in contact with relevant interest people.
  • The job prospects available internally gave me insight into what industry / sector I want to go into.

So describe your day to day work at Warner Bros

  • Producing computer aided design (CAD)
  • Supporting in the visual design for clothing and shoes
  • Got the opportunity to work with brands such as Chanel and Dior on brand marketing material.

What advice would you give for apprenticeship?

  • Make sure you explore your option extensively
  • Benefits of apprentice = earn + learn
  • Opportunity to develop a strong potential
  • Shopping window to new opportunities