The Deconstruct/Reconstruct exhibition features work from students studying the UAL Diploma and Extended Diploma in Art.

Students work included ‘Metamorphosis’ drawings, sculpture and paintings.

Course director Stuart Denyer said “It includes projects and tasks recently completed as part of their course including 2D and 3D problem solving in Art & Design.

The ‘Metamorphosis’ drawings engage with the idea of combining separate drawings into one complete joiner drawing whose rhythms, forms and marks connect as one; the 3D sculpture engages with the idea that objects can be deconstructed and reconstructed into a new sculptural form with a new meaning; the paintings engage with an encounter with a past work from the National Gallery and is the subject, resource and reference of an artist’s practice.”

Ishika focused on the theme of history for her installation piece.

“For the exhibition I wanted to work with books. I have destroyed the books in different techniques; some of them are soaked in water and coffee, some of them are ripped and scrunched up. The last book on the end is destroyed all delicately with folds. The books within the display are all chapter books and I painted them all black, so the focus is on the pages and how they are destroyed.”

Freddie sculpture piece was influenced by a London arts group.
“When I was researching I found the Mutoid Waste Company. They were a performance arts group that went to festivals and make massive sculptures out of junk.

Within my pieces you can see different faces I have made from pieces of junk that have different influences such as cubism, which I then spray painted. I do a lot of portraiture and I thought it would be cool to make portraits out of junk.”