Presentation on Froebel
Students exhibited work on educational pioneers such as Froebel

Students on KCC’s Foundation Degree in Early Years created and hosted an exhibition profiling the work of inspiring figures from the field of educational systems. The event, focusing on a range of historical pioneers in early learning from all round the world, took place at the College’s Chelsea Centre in October.

To create the show, students were required to critically analyse the impact that educational pioneers and international curriculums have on early years provision, pedagogy and practice. Research on early years pioneers including Isaacs, McMillan, Montessori, Steiner and Athey as well as international education systems such as Reggio Emilia, High Scope and Te Whariki was then presented through visual presentations and articles.

Alongside preparing content, various teams from the group worked on event organisation, promotion and logistics.

Guests at the exhibition included students from the College’s Level 2 and 3 Childcare groups, as well as external partners and practitioners.

Course Director Debra Corboy said, “Creating this exhibition enabled students to reflect and develop their analytical skills by comparing and contrasting education systems and how they pertain to Early Years education in England. Students were also supported to draw on the work of early years pioneers and historical perspectives, considering how these have influenced their current practice.”

KCC’s Foundation Degree in Early years is run in partnership with Kingston University. After completion of the programme, many students go on to Teacher Training or Master’s Degree courses.

You can find out more about the course and how to apply for 2020 start here.